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CMS Logic

CMS Logic
ORDNUNG and CMS Logic have joined forces. CMS Logic is a new hosted CMS (Content Management System) developed for the Dutch market. The idea behind a hosted CMS is that the customer can focus on his or her content while any technical aspects are handled by the CMS Logic system. System updates/upgrades, SEO and website template design have been taken out of the equation.

CMS Logic offers a complete hosted CMS including:

1. Hosting

2. Domain name registration

3. Complete CMS (CMS Logic)

4. Email marketing

5. Newsletter creation

6. Site analysis

Pricing for CMS Logic will be approximately €10 per month (official pricing has not been set as of April 27, 2012).

CMS Logic website templates will be offered for a nominal one-time extra fee. These templates are pre-integrated into the CMS Logic system and ready for content insertion. No need to hire a web designer or developer to create your website. It’s a simple matter of uploading a company logo and choosing a color scheme.

ORDNUNG is the first design partner responsible for developing templates for CMS Logic. The templates are based on the modern ‘responsive’ design philosophy. This means that a single template is used for all devices (mobile phone, iPhone and iPad) and all screen sizes (desktop). If desirable, a specific mobile template can be purchased for an extra €5 (official pricing has not been set as of April 27, 2012). The mobile template is based on JQuery Mobile adapted for all modern mobile devices.

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