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By April 26, 2012 Ordnung News
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Design Effects LogoBeginning in October 2011, ORDNUNG has partnered with Design Effects, a full-service design and marketing agency in Barendrecht. The basis of this partnership is the development of custom business websites in Adobe’s Business Catatlyst — a hosted, complete online business solution combining content management, turn-key eCommerce, customer database, built-in email marketing, reporting and analytics. Design Effects is an early adopter of the Business Catalyst platform in The Netherlands.

Together, ORDNUNG and Design Effects have successfully deployed three Business Catalyst websites:

1. Design Effects
3. Fysio Poll
4. International Wellness Group

Design EffectsInternational Wellness GroupFysio Poll

Combining design and technical know-how, the partnership strives to bring the power of Business Catatlyst to small and medium-sized businesses in The Netherlands.

Business Catatlyst is now integrated with Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

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